Join Myles, Wrestle for a Cure

Myles is a 9 year old wrestler from Missouri who found out about Pin Cancer and our Wrestle for a Cure Campaign after his coaches presented the fundraising opportunity to his entire team.

The main motivating factor that pushed Myles to get involved was his mother, Darcie. Darcie is a cancer survivor, and cancer has affected their entire family first hand.

To jumpstart their fundraiser, Myles and his team not only reached out their wrestling community, but their entire town!

"Everyone on our wrestling team did their own thing. Our head coach sponsored all the wrestlers that worked hard on their campaigns. I had my mom put it on her Facebook page, then we passed out flyers to our neighborhood. I even got my 2nd grade teacher to help spread awareness to my class," explains Myles.

Through his efforts, Myles and his teammates have raised over $28,000 through their Wrestle for a Cure Campaign pages and as a result, have made an enormous impact in the battle against cancer.

Advice from Myles to wrestlers looking to get involved:​

"Go for high goals! Keep trying to work harder and ask A LOT of people that you know to help. Don't let anyone tell you your goal is too high!" - Myles

myles wrestle for a cure

Myles - pictured above in his Pin Cancer geared earn for his efforts in raising donations for cancer research.