wrestle for a cure

The Wrestle for a Cure Campaign launches at the beginning of each wrestling season and runs through the end of March.

Wrestle for a Cure

A new campaign launches every October

How it works: 

Each wrestling season, Pin Cancer hosts a Wrestle for a Cure Campaign - an online fundraiser that allows wrestlers to create their own personal fundraising pages to help raise donations.

A wrestler can create their page once the campaign launches in October, or at anytime during the season. 

The funds raised by the Wrestle for a Cure Campaign benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Get a full inside look of how your donations are put to work!


wrestle for a cure gear

After you sign up, the best way to kickstart your page is to share it with friends and family. Take it one step further and share it on social media to help spread the word!

As you start raising donations, you will begin to earn gear for your efforts!

Certain milestones earn you certain gear.