wrestle for a cure

The Wrestle for a Cure Campaign launches each October and runs through the end of March.

Wrestle for a Cure

How it works: 

Each wrestling season, Pin Cancer hosts a Wrestle for a Cure Campaign - an online fundraiser that allows wrestlers and teams to create their own personal fundraising pages to help raise donations.

A wrestler or team can create their page once the campaign launches in October, or at anytime during the season.

The funds raised by the Wrestle for a Cure Campaign benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Get a full inside look of how your donations are put to work!


wrestle for a cure gear

After you sign up, the best way to kickstart your page is to share it with friends and family. Take it one step further and share it on social media to help spread the word!

As you start raising donations, you will begin to earn gear for your efforts!

Certain milestones earn you certain gear. 

* Team fundraising pages do not qualify to earn gear.


Wrestling teams often dedicate a home match to help spread awareness and boost donations to their online fundraising page. Plan your's today!


1. Create your team page (Campaign starts Oct. 1)

2. Invite wrestlers to join your team

3. Pick 1 home match to spread awareness

4. Contact us to get marketing materials, singlets for your event, or other information

After your team page has been created, you can start raising funds immediately, and throughout the entire wrestling season. Please note: only milestones hit on individual fundraisers will be eligible to earn gear.

Feel free to start planning your Pin Cancer Night anytime throughout the season. We recommend having a team parent and coach help coordinate and organize the event. 

It's important to get approval from your school's athletic director, and you should let the other team know about it as well.


1. We will help market your event

2. We can loan you Pin Cancer Singlets if you would like to sport them during your match (both teams)

3. Your team may purchase a Pin Cancer Mesh Banner to hang during the event

4. Your team may purchase Pin Cancer Gear to raffle off

5. Your team may purchase Pin Cancer shirts to throw into the stands

6. Let others affected by cancer in your wrestling community know about the event and invite them to join!

For 2 years in a row, Pin Cancer has been recognized as a top 100 non-profit organization by classy.org thanks to the wrestlers and teams that have supported our mission!