Pin Cancer Ambassadors

some of the toughest wrestlers in the world back the cause...

Having lost my father to cancer, and my mother being a survivor, I certainly have an emotional interest in generating funds for cancer research. What better avenue for me to support this important cause than wrestling's Pin Cancer?

Kendall Cross

Olympic Gold Medalist, USA Wrestling Hall of Fame

I've had the opportunity to coach at a Pin Cancer Camp and it was a great experience. Dan was really organized and it felt great to help out.

frank molinaro wrestling pin cancer

Frank Molinaro

NCAA Champion, 2016 Olympian

I support Pin Cancer because my grandmother had breast cancer and beat it. She was the woman who funded a lot of my wrestling expenses through out the years and helped me get to where I am today.

dennis bermudez ufc fighting pin cancer

Dennis Bermudez

D1 Wrestler, Former UFC Fighter

As wrestlers, we struggle through everyday battles to be the best. Those with cancer battle everyday to stay alive. Supporting Pin Cancer lets you fight with them, a battle that affects nearly all families.

brent metcalf wrestling pin cancer

Brent Metcalf

2x NCAA Champion

I have joined the Pin Cancer team because I see the work they are doing to fight this disease. I have seen it take people close to me which is why I am wanting to be more involved in the great cause!

coleman scott wrestling pin cancer

Coleman Scott

NCAA Champion, Olympic Bronze Medalist

Pin Cancer is such a great cause. They do a great job helping to fight this monster. I'm glad to be an ambassador and help to Pin Cancer

kerry mccoy wrestling pin cancer

Kerry McCoy

2x NCAA Champion, 2x Olympian

Supporting Pin Cancer is important in our mutual goals to help eradicate cancer in all forms through research and treatments. I hope you join me and my fellow ambassadors as we support Pin Cancer and their efforts.

Scott Casber

USA Wrestling Host/Personality

I Choose to support Pin Cancer because I have had close family members and friends who have lost the battle and are still fighting the battle against cancer.

tony ramos wrestling pin cancer

Tony Ramos

NCAA Champion

I've had family and friends have their lives changed  by cancer. If I could do anything to spread awareness or give support to people who need it, count me in!

zack rey wrestling pin cancer

Zack Rey

NCAA Champion

Cancer has changed the lives of so many of my friends and family. I am honored to be an ambassador for Pin Cancer and help promote its mission anyway I can.

Dave Zabriski

NCAA Champion