Team Fundraising


Have your fans pledge a dollar amount for every pin your team records this season!

How it works:

1. Pick the duration of your event - this could be an entire season or dedicated month.

2. Create your Pledge It campaign page - this is your online portal to collect donations for every pin your team records. 

3. Start racking up the pins!

Choose Your Level:

Click the button below that best describes your team's age group. Feel free to view the FAQs for more info.


How does my team page work?
‚ÄčOnce you have created your Pledge It Page - You can then send fans to your specific team page. Here, they will be able to pledge any dollar amount of their choice for every pin your team records.

How do I update my page?
Whoever creates your page (we recommend a team mom or dad, or stat person) will be able to login to the backend of the page and update the amount of pins your team records each day.

How do I get fans involved?
Easy, let them know about your page! Email & social media are a great way to spread the word of your campaign! Some teams even dedicate a home match to spread awareness about their campaign.

How do our fans donate?
Once your page is live, your fans will be able to visit it, create an account with their credit card info, and pledge a dollar amount of their choice.

How do our donors know how much they owe?
Each time you login and update your pin total, each donor will automatically get notified of the update.

How do I collect donations?
Easy! Your page is setup to automatically collect donations the end of each month. If a fan pledges $2 per pin and your team records 20 pins in a month, your page will automatically collect a donation of $40 from that donor.

Are pledge donations tax deductible?
Yes! Fans will receive a receipt each month for the amount they pledged.

Is the platform secure?
Yes! We have teamed up with Pledge It - a platform designed for fundraising for nonprofits. Each donor's information is safely secured and is not shared.

Need help? Our team can assist you in getting started!